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I am looking for models to be published in After Nyne Magazine.

I really hate the tremors in my hands.

dankfuchsin said: What kind of camera did you use for your la at night picture? :)

A Nikon 5100.

I say people, because I honestly have no problem shooting any gender nude. Some photographers just shoot a specific gender. I honestly don’t care about race, gender, or anything (except age, you must be 18+) other than that I just want to create beautiful images of nude human beings.

I am looking for people to pose nude as I am now a contributing photographer for The Pure Skin

Signal boosts are appreciated

wisetigress said: Hey how are you? :)

I’m alright. Cut my thumb the other day at work so that sucked. Other than that trying to survive life and work. Yourself?

ohpepsicola said: what's your instagram ☺️


Los Angeles at night
Simian Mobile Disco
Shot for Grimy Goods
Photo by Ryan Bussard
Simian Mobile Disco
Shot for Grimy Goods
Photo by Ryan Bussard

soshelefthome said: I wanna hang out with you. You're dope.

Haha well this is a first.