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misschiefmusic I can’t send you an ask, but we should shoot!

Anonymous said: Same person but basically I want to say that I think your art is fucking awesome and your photography is great too, and that your talent is highly under appreciated and I wish I could validate it more for you

Wow thank you so much! I’m speechless!

Anonymous said: Hi I'm just gonna start out by saying Ive been following you for a while since you took pictures of me and my friend at Rock the Bells. Anyways, I have a bunch of pictures of my butt that no one appreciates can i send them to you?

Haha wow rock the bells was a long time ago! And sure!!

a-flower-that-lives-on-a-star said: Your photos rock! Stay fre$h!

Thank you so much!! It means a lot to me!

ktyktykty said: Sorry for the "like" spam. Hahaha. You're wonderful.

Well thank you for making my day!!


Found this photograph from earlier this year while cleaning my hard drive.

cityvillain said: Hey where are you based?

Los Angeles

practicing my digital drawings or whatever.

Let me take your photograph please and thank you.

Check out my photos of @caciazoo on @junnnktank I’m booking shoots if anyone’s interested in having their photos taken and published. #photoshoot #potd #ryanbussard #beauty #junnnktank #editorial #model #caciazoo

I call this, Please Let Me Take Your Photograph So I Don’t Have to Resort to Taking Lame, Naked Self Portraits.